Today, India is vibrant with innovative ideas in the field of usage of Information Technology and is keen to see that the fruits of this new technology brings happiness into their life.

Mobile Van

Education Through Mobile Van



School Implementation Model


“The Computer Bus comes to our school every Wednesday. We like to play various educational games on the computer every Wednesday. Earlier we used to see computer at some places only and used to think that learning computers is a very difficult thing. But after the Computer bus started visiting our school we have realised that learning computers is not that difficult as we used to think. We were very happy when we started using the computer and we have also got the computer book that I read daily. The teachers on the bus are also very good, kind hearted and loving. I request that let the Computer Bus come to our school every Wednesday and let Wednesday come everyday.”

Monali Narayan Pathare

7th Standard, Z.P.Primary School, Sangavi



“Student interest in academics & school activities has increased after introduction of the Programme…”

“…Marked increase in confidence-levels of students”

“We would like to learn computers as well!”

“Parent-interaction has been positive…”


“Overall student attendance has increased after introduction of the Programme.”

“….Student attendance on days of Computer Education is slightly higher than on other days. Infact, if the school has a holiday on the Computer education day, students come to school for ensuring that they are not missing the Mobile bus.”

“The Programme has affected all stake-holders of the school in a positive way, including teachers, students & parents.”



“Children share their enthusiasm & learning of computers at home…”


“My Daughter speaks a lot about Computers, when she comes home. She likes this subject a lot. I work as a labourer and we have a hand to mouth situation at home. …….This Computer subject is very good and it will benefit my daughter a lot in future. My daughter reads the book provided by you everyday and also solves the questions regularly. Guests who come to our house are surprised when we tell them that the computer bus comes to our village ……”

Mrs. Suvarna Paudkule, M/o Madhavi Paudkule

Class 5, Z.P.School, Shiravali, Baramati