Today, India is vibrant with innovative ideas in the field of usage of Information Technology and is keen to see that the fruits of this new technology brings happiness into their life.

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 Information Kiosk



The world is changing very fast with the latest development in Information Technology. Agriculture all over the world is going through phase of transition with globalization and WTO. Use of information Technology in Agriculture has become inevitable.

With the vision to provide the facilities in this area, VIIT initiated the concept of Information Kiosk as bridge between poor Farmer and Agriculture Departments, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, a unit of Indian Council of Agriculture Research New Delhi.

The farmers are benefited through various services that increase their work efficiency and effectiveness at no cost. Department of Agriculture and KVK are playing a major role by running various projects and acting as an Information Bank for farmers. In the midst of this, VIIT which provides all the required infrastructure is acting as a major technological backbone for this project.



To explore the ways in which Information Communication Technology can be used as a tool to empower the poor. To provide world class infrastructure and teaching to reduce the digital divide.


Services Offered

* VIIT has developed a portal called www.kvkbaramati.com which contains weather information ,crop recommendations and relevant information.

* Farmers can use this portal to put up any query in the forum and these are answered by the experts of KVK.

* Online participation forms for participation in various schemes.

* Local Agro Bulletin.

* VIIT is also associated with a portal called www.msamb.com which is designed to facilitate the farmers with a service that counsels them on the rates of various crops commodities in Marathi language , enabling the farmers to take better selling decisions.

* Argo polyclinic services for soil testing , pest and disease diagnostics, Consultancies.

* Information on Biopesticides and fertilizers.

Other Services that can be provided

Private Services :

1. Kiosk can be used as a DTP center, pickup center for courier companies.
2. Passport size Photography
3. Matrimonial Services

Medical Related Services :

1. Kiosks can provide online interaction between medical experts and the poor villagers.

Agriculture related Government Services :

1. We can provide latest schemes of the Agriculture Department.
2. Panchayat Samiti can distribute Pesticides & Agriculture equipments from the kiosk itself.
3. Dissemination of Information related to agriculture.

Education related Services :

Showing examination results to the students.

Technology Used

While chasing our mission of “Achieving connectivity to rural poor in India”; we have introduced a new technology called Wireless Local Loop. Wireless Internet provides a complete wireless access solution with seamless integration of both voice and internet services. It covers an area of 25Km radius. This technology has been introduced in Baramati because of the initiative taken by VIIT in collaboration with n-Logue communication Pvt. Ltd. Chennai.

CorDECT is an advanced Wireless Access system designed, keeping the economic realities of a country like India in mind. This device supports 10km of line-of -sight connectivity and can be extended up to 25km using repeaters at around 64 kbps.

Key Factors

  • Faster Connectivity over a broad range
  • Low Cost Setup
  • Increasing Computer and Internet Literacy
  • Easy and Fast Response to the Queries


  • Increased Interaction among Farmers and Field Experts.
  • Increased usage of Internet in rural area.
  • Open Markets for Farmers.
  • Increased profits by minimizing wastage of fertilizers.
  • Provide current trades and new technologies of farming free of cost.

Cost Analysis

Kiosk Kit provided by VIIT contains ... Particulars



Computer, UPS,Digital Camera ,FRS with Cables InkJet Printer, Local Languag Software. Internet connectivity


Training of basic computer operation.