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Multimedia Content



Multimedia Content is one of the many projects that VIIT have undertaken to address the problem of rural-illiteracy

VIIT has developed SCORM compliant multimedia content objects to teach the syllabus to the students between the ages of 10 to16.

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We at VIIT research center have found that the students at rural area are facing the problem of basic educational infrastructure.
The quality of teaching techniques and the availability of qualified and good teachers in rural areas is major concern.

No innovation in teaching methods

Monotonous delivery leading to the students losing interest in various subjects

Due to these factors, the drop out ratio (in school) for students from school till grade 10th is 60 %.And so to tackle the situation VIIT has taken a step forward in the form of The Multimedia Contents which uses SCORM standards

What is SCORM ?

Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) aims to foster creation of reusable learning content as
“Instruction objects” within a common technical
framework to meet high-level requirements for
computer and web-based learning.SCORM is a
collection of specifications and standards that can be viewed as separate “books” together into a growing library.It includes a collection of books for each subjects from the class Vth-IXth in local language (Marathi), by which students can easily understand the concepts. It provides audio background and an interactive interface, which will be helpful to increase and hold students interest.

Key Factors

To provide teachers with aids that help them to enhance and make the teaching-learning process interesting, meaningful and innovative.
To provide a technology enabled solution for education in rural schools
To provide a platform for sharing and enhancing these teaching aids
To provide large no. of schools/teachers the advantage of using technology enabled curriculum mapped content

Key Benefits

It is an immensely user-friendly tool.
As it is an audio-video blend of information, it builds and holds the interest of student.
It is economically affordable.
Database of Curriculum Mapped Learning Objects developed as teaching aids.Learning Objects in the form of text, animations, graphics, voice- over or combinations that explain a concept with relative ease
Technology training is minimal. Objects run on SCORM Player or Learning Management System
Teachers could add their own objects onto the LMS and thus use the platform for exchange of ideas.
SCORM compliant Learning Objects - to ensure Accessibility,Interoperability,Durability and Reusability.
Web Enabled Learning Objects ensure platform independance