Mobile Van

The Philosophy behind..
………to teach only those computer skills which can be immediately used by the student, using interesting examples from the student’s world. This technique of need-based learning with applications in one’s (learner’s) immediate environment is imbibed by the student as a life-skill.


About Project
As an intermediate step, VIIT is scaling the project to cover 3 Taluks with a total of 151 ANM’s and 286 villages with 1.15 million beneficiaries covered within the scope. Acceptance of this proposal would scale this to the complete district comprising 14 Taluks, 539 ANM’s, 1401 Villages and 2.9 million beneficiaries.


About service
“To harness the power of current and emerging Information technologies in providing second opinions for serious, complex and / or medico-legal (negligence) cases from the top super-specialists to patients through their local referring doctors anywhere the world.”

FM Radio

Agriculture is the mainstay of the India’s economy and 74.73 per cent of the people are rural. As much as 49 per cent of the land area is cultivable. Being capable of producing the best crops, India now seeks the role of IT based solutions for disseminating information on various agricultural related topics in villages of India. Unfortunately, information on market prices, weather, quantities traded, and other marketing-related matters rarely reaches farmers in developing countries. Farm radio would appear to represent an important way of overcoming this problem. This paper briefly presents a way in which the information can be broadcast to the farmers by the means of Local FM Radio channel. It suggests how radio stations broadcasting to farmers could offer agriculture related information